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We are full service registered master electricians in Auckland. We provide our services in Auckland Central, West Auckland, South Auckland & North Auckland.

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Lighting Design and Supply across Auckland

Ester Electrical Electrical offers a full lighting design service for both indoor and outdoor projects.

For site-specific projects or where there is already a nominated electrical contractor, we can offer them or the client a Design & Supply service.

By using a professional Lighting design service you ensure your project is correctly illuminated to meet either compliance or the design scope.

We assist Architects, interior designers, developers and town planners in all avenues of lighting and electrical design, designed around their budget, brief and delivery time.

We are partnered with several high-end lighting distributors which ensure you a non-biased design and choice of luminaire specified in each of Esters designs.

Coupled with Esters team of lighting designers is our large team of experienced Electricians by having in-house lighting installers as well as designers we have a well rounded, pragmatic approach to our lighting design, ensuring a seamless installation.

Our lighting designers all have a practical history (used to be ’on the tools’) so we understand the difference between a lighting concept and a lighting installation, bridging the gap between what’s designed on paper to what’s installed in brick and mortar. Designing good looking, practical lighting installations.

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