Ester Electrical is preferred Electric Vehicle Charger installer in Auckland. We provide our services in Auckland Central, West Auckland, South Auckland & North Auckland.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station, Auckland

Ester Electrical are the preferred Electric vehicle charger installer for several leading property developers and facilities managers. We install EV Charger to Current regulations with a strong focus on workmanship and durability.

We Consult, design, Install and Commission charges on new installations as well as installations on existing buildings.

With Ester Electricals expertise, we can guide you to the most effective and efficient charging product for your building as each building has its only tailored requirement.

Electric Vehicle Charger Domestic Hardware

When you have an EV charger installed in your home,

You want a charging station for your home, and you want it to work correctly.

Ester Electrical ensures that.

At Ester, we have sourced the marked to secure the best-charging stations to meet your needs.

We understand the importance of having a reliable system to ensure your car is always ready to perform.

Public Electric Vehicle Charging Hardware

“Refueling” takes on a whole new meaning with electric vehicle charging. The charging station can be installed anywhere where there is electricity, not just at a specific location. If you’re running errands or just out for lunch, you can charge your vehicle.

Adding a charging station can increase the value of your property or business. On average this customer stayed 30% longer if there is a charging facility onsite they can utilise. In the next 10 years, it is predicted that 36% of vehicles on our roads will be electric, now is the time to act to get a jump on the future market.

A number of international studies portray that electric car owners generally have higher disposable incomes and are always looking for businesses with active charging hardware.

Electric Vehicle Charger at Workplace

Work and home, the two most popular places electric vehicle drivers charge. Electric car charging is a way to attract top-level talent to your business in a cost-effective and simple way, as more companies are offering amenities as well as just income.

Employees are increasingly looking for companies that share the same direction as they do, whether technologically or environmentally, and even just keeping up with the times. Using specific software, Ester Electrical can help you with the information on each individual car’s electricity usage.

Allowing easy to access and to understand, helping you make the decisions on your company’s future investments.

Ester Electrical can help you choose the right hardware for your business based on whether you’re in an industrial area or a mid-city office. A wide range of charging stations that we have meticulously selected are available so we can always recommend the right equipment for the job.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation at Apartment

Without making drastic structural modifications, our revolutionising software can help more of your car park tenants charge.

Without spending copious amounts of cash upgrading your electrical foundation, we’ll actually increase the value of the premises by installing our top of the line electric car charging Ports.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation Property Developers

The capability for all buildings to provide electric car charging is very important when it comes to this service, whether it be a historical building to a modern complex. Ester Electrical advises all types of property managers and developers the most optimal way to deliver Electric Vehicle charging to all.

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