Commercial Electrical Service & Maintenance, Auckland

We take pride in being a dependable and experienced electrical contractor that you can rely on, Our hard-working team at Ester Electrical strive to upkeep and fulfil that reputation.

Ester Electrical is available 24/7 you minimise the potential for system faults or hazards, drastically reducing potential disruptions, saving your business time and money.

Ester Electrical provides electrical maintenance from Government building, food testing laboratories right through to large commercial apartments and hotels. We provide weekly, monthly and annual preventative as well as planned commercial electrical maintenance.

We work closely with landlords, facility managers, developers and businesses to provide a reliable and professional electrical service.

  • Lighting repairs & Relampig
  • Mains work
  • Data Networks
  • LED upgrades
  • Machine testing
  • Test tagging
  • Monthly Electrical safety system testing
  • Compliance upgrades  to your building after legislative change
  • 24/7 Emergency repairs

What Ester Electrical Offers:


Ester Electrical are very much aware of the need to communicate to property managers, providing multiple options for repairs with various cost vs benefits, allowing you to decide costs but at the same time effectively maintain your property.


When your property has an electrical issue or needs maintenance, the team at Ester Electrical understand you need a skilled electrician to do the job quickly and efficiently. We provide just that.

Minimal interruption

We are flexible around yor building and tenants schedules, whether its night works, temporary hoardings or screens for daytime repairs or maintenance Ester Electrical’s electricians work with you to come up with the best possible plan to minimise or eliminate any interruptions.

The Ester Guarantees